Tip 1 – Should I use a web design company?

This is a good question to ask yourself if you are thinking of having a website for yourself or your company. What you need to think about is how comfortable you are using a computer. Are you computer literate? Can you use a computer confidently and find your way around online? Do you know how… Read more »

WIBC White Ribbon Day Exhibition

cannedSunlight are pleased to be supporting the Women in Business Club’s White Ribbon Day event, an exhibition of club member’s businesses and an extensive gift fayre. We have a stand at the Calpe show that is being held in the Hotel Diamante on the Moraira Coast Road, so come along and meet us and we’ll… Read more »

Rotating, Cropping, and Resizing Images with Photoshop®

Photoshop® for beginners. Adobe® Photoshop® software is great for photo editing and is used as an industry standard tool in the printing and media industry. With such a good reputation it is also bought for personal use. But for people who don’t know their way around Photoshop®, it can be quite daunting. This first beginners… Read more »