Do I need a multilingual website?

If you are a business and you offer your services globally, you should be thinking about a multilingual website. You will have much more success selling your products or services to a local audience if your content is in their language.

For multilingual websites we recommend a WordPress and WPML setup. The WPML (WordPress Multilingual) plugin is the easiest and most professional way to offer translated content. It is also extremely easy to customise and has no difficulties integrating with all types of content from custom fields to custom post types. There are special addons for the most popular plugins such as WooCommerce and ACF which make integrating these plugins very easy.

You can find out more about WPML in our blog post “Why WPML is a great choice for multilingual business websites.

Multilingual website services

As a WPML contractor I can offer the following services for multilingual websites, including creation and troubleshooting.

  • WPML installation and initial set up
  • Theme customisations for multilingual compatibility
  • Customising the WPML language switcher and flags
  • Integration with WooCommerce and WCML the multilingual addon for WooCommerce
  • Set up of the Currency switcher with WCML
  • Adding translations using the WPML string translation, for widgets and theme translations
  • Integration and troubleshooting for ACF or custom fields and post types.
  • Set up with professional translation services
  • Set up of RTL languages including template/CSS modifications if necessary
  • Troubleshooting set up and display problems
  • Provide tutorials on how to add language translations for posts and pages

You can also hire me through, check out my WPML gig here.

Multilingual WordPress
WPML is a premium plugin for WordPress which means that you will need to purchase a subscription in order to use it on your website. The fee is very low, and your finished website will be translated to a very high professional standard, with no missed translations or broken links.

We believe it is well worth the price.

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