Working with us

  • Once you agree to work with us you will be asked to provide a deposit of 100€ in order to begin work. This forms a contract with us: that you agree to pay for all further work carried out by us, either at three stages through the build process, or for smaller projects, at the end of the project just before the launch of your website. For projects that go on longer than expected through no fault of cannedSunlight, clients will be asked to pay up to half of the outstanding amount once six months are reached, and the full amount once nine months are reached. This is at the discretion of cannedSunlight. Full terms and conditions will be provided when an estimate is for your project is provided.
  • If we are undertaking consultation work for you, you will need to pay 30€ in advance to hire our services. You will then be invoiced monthly for work carried out during the previous month.
  • Failure to pay any outstanding invoice promptly will result in your website not being launched, or it being taken off line.
  • When projects are likely to go over budget, cannedSunlight will inform you of the likely costs that will be incurred for extra changes beyond an original brief, or a part of the project which has gone beyond original expectations. These extra costs need to be agreed and any outstanding amounts paid before work will continue on your project.
  • You are within your rights to cancel a project at any time providing costs up until that point are paid for. Should cannedSunlight need to cancel a project for any reason your deposit will be returned.
  • You are responsible for any apps/plugins bought for use on your website, and any stock images purchased for use on your website. Stock images need to be licensed solely to YOU for use on YOUR website only. You will be charged extra for these images so that the license is in your name. You can purchase images yourself and provide us with them, or we can purchase them on your behalf.
  • cannedSunlight are not responsible for any content on your website and will not be held responsible for copyright infringement or any other issues arising from errors or omissions in the content on your website. All content should be checked by you and the copyright on images should be yours or licensed to you.


  • If you are a current customer of cannedSunlight please contact us if you require help in making your website GDPR compliant.
  • cannedSunlight are able to offer advice in order to help you make your website GDPR compliant, we can also advise you on information that should go in your Privacy Policy with regards to your website.
  • cannedSunlight are not Lawyers and our advice CANNOT be taken to mean that your website/business is 100% GDPR compliant. It is your responsibility to get legal advice to make sure you are compliant. We can work alongside your legal advisor or data privacy officer in order to help with the technical aspects of your website.
  • cannedSunlight CANNOT be held responsible for any issues arising from GDPR non-compliance. We are advisors and technical support only.

Hosting and domain names

  • cannedSunlight do not provide hosting services or domain registration services themselves, but can purchase these services from recommended third-party providers on your behalf.
  • These packages are purchased in your name, and belong to you. cannedSunlight has no claim on your hosting and domain name services and you will be responsible for renewing the accounts the following year.

Information for current/previous customers who have a hosting package with cannedSunlight (as of May 2018, no longer available for future customers):

  • cannedSunlight provides a hosting package that includes a domain name for customers who require it. Customers who have already registered a domain name can still use a hosting package from cannedSunlight.
  • Hosting accounts are registered in the customers name and the customer is provided with log in information for the cpanel account. If you lose the email with your log-in information, please request it again from us. If you are having trouble logging in to your cpanel account you can also request a password reset.
  • Domain names are registered to the customer or company name as agreed by the customer and an address, telephone number and email address are required for this. For .es domains the customer’s id or NIE number is also required. Domain names belong to the registered customer and cannedSunlight has no claim on any domain name registered on behalf of a customer. Please see the whois database for the registered owner information.
  • cannedSunlight can provide domain privacy on request for an additional fee, which means that the registered name attached to a domain name is not publicly available in the whois database. This information is usually replaced by the registrar company instead, in this case cannedSunlight’s contact details will appear in the database. This does not mean that cannedSunlight owns your domain name, and still has no claim on it.
  • If the contact details for a domain need to be updated, please contact cannedSunlight who will be able to change this for you.
  • If you wish to transfer a domain name away from cannedSunlight, please contact us in writing to cancel the domain name and hosting account (if you have one) and we will release the domain for transfer. Please make sure your email address is up to date as this will be used to send a special code in order to complete the transfer process. cannedSunlight will check this information for you once your cancellation email has been received. All outstanding hosting and domain fees must be paid before a cancellation/transfer can take place.