WordPress and WPML

Why WordPress and WPML are a great choice for multilingual business websites. Open your business to whole new market place, easily.

Building your website

Building a website computer with plan

There are several stages that a website goes through during development. If you are thinking about building your own website, you can use this plan of stages and processes to help you keep on track throughout the build.

Website Maintenance

Tablet drawing online marketing

Gone are the days where you could just build a website, leave it online and it magically brought visitors and interest to your business or services. Online competition for google ranking and between competing businesses means you must use your website in order to get results for your business. We explain how you can do this.


Blogging on laptop with camera

If you’ve heard the word ‘Blog’ but aren’t sure what it means and how it can benefit you, this article explains what a blog is and how Business Blogs are a great tool for marketing your business. Blogging is not just for businesses either, if you are passionate about something why not write about it online on a blog?

The Web Design Process

This article explains the web design process and what you should think about when designing your own website. Research is key, and creating a clean and functional website your users will love. These simple steps will explain how to carry out the research and planning in order to create an initial design for your site.

What are Alexa, Siri, Cortana & Google Assistant?

Your very own virtual assistant

You may have heard the names Alexa, Siri and Cortana before in relation to technology, and in fact, you may have used them, but what exactly are they? As you see in the title above, I have added the additional wording ‘Google Assistant’ which gives us a clue to what these applications are – they… Read more »

Self-Driving Cars – Coming To Your Driveway Soon!

Google Self-Driving Car

Recently my (very old) car broke down and I thought that perhaps it was time I looked at replacing it. After some research it would appear that the automotive world is changing at a rapid pace and in the future car ownership looks very different from what we are used to. “Google Self-Driving Car” by… Read more »