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Why WPML is a great choice for multilingual business websites.

WordPress is our CMS of choice as we believe it is the easiest and most extendable platform to use when building websites for our business clients. It is easy in that our clients can take control of their own website and update the content themselves without having to touch any code. We have found that even novices can pick it up quickly with one of our tutorials.

When partnered with WPML (WordPress Multilingual), business websites can be opened up to whole new market place in foreign countries. Having worked with ex-pats from many different countries in Europe living outside of their own country, it is very important for them to not only have their website in their native language, but also in the language of the country they are living in. WPML adds this functionality and allows manual professional translation of all content on every page. It efficiently provides the translation options for each element of a page in the WordPress admin, and flawlessly displays the translations for each language on the frontend. You can see how easy it is to create a multilingual website using WPML in their own article: “How to create a multilingual website for your business.

Professional Translation Services Integration

Writing translations can be difficult, and you may not be fluent in every language that you want to have on your website. WPML solves this problem by making it very easy to get fairly priced professional translations directly from your WordPress admin. WPML will integrate with many professional translations services via APIs, meaning that you can ‘ask’ for your content to be translated by choosing the pages from your website and sending them to the service that you have an account with, all via the WordPress admin.

Your business will benefit a whole lot more if your website content is professionally translated, there are no mistakes or ambiguities as there can sometimes be from using services such as google translate. Human translation, and understanding of the subject and context is far superior to machine translation.

Professional translation also offers a better localization process, (e.g. Spanish in Spain is slightly different to Spanish in Costa Rica) and the SEO for your website will be different for each language. It is not a case of just translating a phrase as it may not make sense as a search phrase in another language.

There is also professional translation that specialises in specific industries. This guarantees that the translators know your subject well and will translate your content to the highest degree of accuracy.

Options & Solutions

WPML is also customisable, and so there are limitless opportunities for development and customisation of your website so that it suits your purpose. WPML handles custom fields, custom post types, custom taxonomies enabling advanced business websites to become multilingual once the template files are integrated.

Any problems and WPML has a great support system and also a contractors system for customisation and troubleshooting problems. The contractors system connects developers and clients who need help. We are proud to be WPML contractors and you can find Nicola and cannedSunlight’s profile here.

If you are interested in making your website multilingual check out our Multilingual Websites page for further information.

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