Building your website

Building a website computer with plan

There are several stages that a website goes through during development. If you are thinking about building your own website, you can use this plan of stages and processes to help you keep on track throughout the build.

Website Maintenance

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Gone are the days where you could just build a website, leave it online and it magically brought visitors and interest to your business or services. Online competition for google ranking and between competing businesses means you must use your website in order to get results for your business. We explain how you can do this.


Blogging on laptop with camera

If you’ve heard the word ‘Blog’ but aren’t sure what it means and how it can benefit you, this article explains what a blog is and how Business Blogs are a great tool for marketing your business. Blogging is not just for businesses either, if you are passionate about something why not write about it online on a blog?

The Web Design Process

This article explains the web design process and what you should think about when designing your own website. Research is key, and creating a clean and functional website your users will love. These simple steps will explain how to carry out the research and planning in order to create an initial design for your site.

Tip 23 – Use a website maintenance package

We have already talked about keeping your content up to date and how important that is. You may find that you don’t have the time, or perhaps you are struggling to understand a certain aspect of your website. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Most web design companies will offer a maintenance package to… Read more »

Tip 22 – Use your domain email address

It is quite amazing how many businesses there are that have a website but don’t use their domain email address. For example they have the domain but they don’t use the email address associated with it e.g. If you have your own domain name, you have the opportunity to have any email address… Read more »

Tip 21 – Use your domain name in stationery

Probably the best way to advertise and promote your website is to include the address for it in your business stationery. This means that every time you give out a business card, include a ‘with compliments’ slip, send a letter or an invoice, you are promoting your website. If you have already had your stationery… Read more »

Tip 20 – Use advertising to promote your website

We have talked about how it is good to get as many legitimate links back to your website as possible. (Without using link farms, or buying links). It is also good to advertise your website when you first start up, to lift the initial awareness of your business and it’s website. There are several ways… Read more »

Tip 19 – Add sharing buttons to your website

We’ve talked about using social media accounts to promote your website, and to create links back to your website. It is also something you can do for your visitors. You can add facebook and twitter buttons on your website that link back to your own social media accounts so your visitors can follow you. But… Read more »

Tip 18 – Use Linkedin for Professional Networking

Linkedin will help you establish your professional profile online, and make you an expert in your field. In the real world you are likely to carry out your professional networking by going to business networking clubs and meeting other professionals. There you will exchange business cards and information about your profession and meet other people… Read more »

Tip 17 – Get a Twitter account

Twitter can be a difficult social media platform to understand. It appears at first look, to be dedicated to short text message type status updates. Who would be interested in that, you may well ask. But used in the correct way Twitter can be an invaluable networking tool. Twitter is about the present, what is… Read more »

Tip 16 – Take advantage of Social Media

Love it or hate it but social media (facebook, twitter, linkedin etc.) now plays a very important part in the search ranking of your website. Because of the social media revolution and the huge popularity of facebook, search engines have changed how they rate websites. They now include how much a page is shared. For… Read more »

Tip 15 – Don’t let your content get out of date.

You’ve written your great quality content. Time has gone by and the visitors to your website have kept your business busy. Then things start to slow down and you realise that while you’ve been busy the content on your website has become out of date. Events you had talked about as coming up are now… Read more »