Tip 20 – Use advertising to promote your website

Tip 20 - advertisingWe have talked about how it is good to get as many legitimate links back to your website as possible. (Without using link farms, or buying links). It is also good to advertise your website when you first start up, to lift the initial awareness of your business and it’s website.

There are several ways of doing this. The first is to submit your website to directory websites. There are a plethora of directory websites online, but it is better for you to use the ones that most suit your business or product. If you have a business in a certain industry you can search for directories in that particular area, e.g. ‘Accountant Directories’. If you have a shop or a local business, you can add entries in local directories, the most common being yell.com or thomsonlocal. Just think about where you would advertise in the real world and they will most likely have a directory website. Most local newspaper websites often include an online directory which is useful to add your business to. There are also directories specific to certain areas which are useful to have entries in if you want to target that area.

Always make sure you choose an option that includes a website link when adding your information to a directory website. You want the search engines to find your website, and you want potential customers to visit your website as well. Sometimes you will have to pay a small amount to include your website address, it is worthwhile doing this. You can always use google analytics to check where your visitors are coming from. Then if you find you are not getting many referrals from a paid entry on a directory website, you can make a decision as to whether you carry on with it the following year.

Another way of advertising your business online is to use googleads (adwords) or facebook ads. These are pay per click, where you only pay for the advert when someone clicks the link back to your website. Again they are useful at the launch of your website to heighten awareness of your business or product. Both Adwords and Facebook Ads offer a pay as you go option where you top up your account with funds and the adverts will run until your funds run out. This way you don’t end up paying more than you want to, and you don’t end up with a massive bill when you forget to suspend your adverts.

If you manage a marketing campaign alongside social media updates you can saturate your potential customers with information about your business and product. This gives you the brand awareness that implies professionalism and quality.



This is part twenty of a twenty four part series of tips provided by cannedSunlight Web Design Costa Blanca to celebrate the run up to Christmas. You can view the other tips here: Tips 1-18, Tip 19. Come back tomorrow for further tips and advice on how to get a great website that works for you or your business.

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