Tip 22 – Use your domain email address

It is quite amazing how many businesses there are that have a website but don’t use their domain email address. For example they have the domain www.yourbusinessname.com but they don’t use the email address associated with it e.g. info@yourbusinessname.com. If you have your own domain name, you have the opportunity to have any email address… Read more »

Tip 21 – Use your domain name in stationery

Probably the best way to advertise and promote your website is to include the address for it in your business stationery. This means that every time you give out a business card, include a ‘with compliments’ slip, send a letter or an invoice, you are promoting your website. If you have already had your stationery… Read more »

Tip 20 – Use advertising to promote your website

We have talked about how it is good to get as many legitimate links back to your website as possible. (Without using link farms, or buying links). It is also good to advertise your website when you first start up, to lift the initial awareness of your business and it’s website. There are several ways… Read more »