Tip 21 – Use your domain name in stationery

Tip 21 - Website AddressProbably the best way to advertise and promote your website is to include the address for it in your business stationery. This means that every time you give out a business card, include a ‘with compliments’ slip, send a letter or an invoice, you are promoting your website.

If you have already had your stationery printed and need to use it up before your budget will allow a reprint, there are ways you can add your website address to your stationery. For letterheads, you can add your website address in the footer of your letter so that when you print it onto headed paper, the domain name appears at the bottom. You can do the same with invoices. Compliment slips and business cards can be more difficult as they don’t usually involve any further printing. You could use small labels printed with your website address and stick them on the back of business cards and in the corner of a compliment slip. The alternative is to hand write it on, or buy an ink stamp with your domain name and stamp your business stationery with your website address.

Whenever you have adverts created for traditional media such as newspapers and magazines it is always important to include your website address on them. It gives your potential customers a reference that they can go to for more information about your company or product. You can also have your vehicle printed with your domain name and you will be advertising your company and website wherever you go. It doesn’t have to be large type, just a small logo and address on the back of your car would do the job.

So whilst you are trying to make a name for your business and website online, don’t forget to include more traditional forms of advertising. Some of your potential customers won’t be as computer literate as others.


This is part twenty one of a twenty four part series of tips provided by cannedSunlight Web Design Costa Blanca to celebrate the run up to Christmas. You can view the other tips here: Tips 1-19, Tip 20. Come back tomorrow for further tips and advice on how to get a great website that works for you or your business.

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