Tip 8 – Choosing a hosting package.

Tip 8 Hosting PackagesThere are plenty of hosting companies around online that offer great deals on hosting packages for your website. Some will even offer extra services like easy-build websites and shopping carts. It will depend on how you are going to build your website as to what kind of hosting package will suit you.

If you are going to commission a web design company to build your website they will often be able to set up the domain name and hosting for you, using a package that suits them and you. If you have bought the domain name already they will still be able to set up the hosting for it as well.

If you want to create the website yourself but want an easy system with help and tutorials available then go for a hosting package with a website builder as part of it. These packages will quite often include a free domain name, and the hosts will set it all up for you and provide you with log in information and tutorials on how to set up the website. All you have to do is add your own content.

If you’re planning to use wordpress to create your own website, it would be better if you could find a good host that has an automatic script for installing wordpress. It is quite often part of cPanel a well known hosting account manager, and is known as the Fantastico script. Here are some other things to look for in a hosting package:

  • It includes a free domain name for life.
  • The allocated space on the server. 500MB is good 1GB is better. If you can find one that offers unlimited space that’s the best.
  • Number of email addresses allocated to your account. This can sometimes be as low as 5, or completely unlimited.
  • Check the server scripts available: PHP 5 is needed for wordpress.
  • Check that it comes with MySQL Databases, one is needed for wordpress. Some hosting packages come with 10 databases or 100.
  • Choose a package that uses cPanel to manage your account, and has the Fantastico script to easily install wordpress.

If you are looking for a hosting package that has all of the above and at a great value price look no further than EZPZ Hosting. They have a number of different packages at varying costs to suit your budget or size of your website with unlimited email addresses, an option to install wordpress, and a sitebuilder. We at cannedSunlight use EZPZ Hosting and would highly recommend them. They have branches in the UK and USA so you can choose the best option and currency for you. Visit their website using the link below.

Editors Note: This article was originally written recommending hostpapa’s hosting service, however we at cannedSunlight no longer feel they offer a high enough quality service and have recently moved to EZPZ Hosting who we are very pleased with.


This is part eight of a twenty four part series of tips provided by cannedSunlight Web Design Costa Blanca to celebrate the run up to Christmas. You can view the other tips here: Tip 1, Tip 2, Tip 3, Tip 4, Tip 5, Tip 6, Tip 7. Come back tomorrow for further tips and advice on how to get a great website that works for you or your business.e

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